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Cuban Cuisine

Rice and Beans 

Cuban Cuisine

When Carlos Ramos opened Rice and Beans Cuban 

Cuisine, his goal was to offer his customers in the 

Cypress area something they never had before:authentic

Cuban Cuisini.

In the year after opening, Ramos said his food has added to the diversity in the area, drawing in customers from different counties.

   ¨We didn´t see a restaurant in the area that served this type of food,¨ Ramos said. ¨¨There is lots of diversity in the people here, and we wanted to offer something new. We have customers from many different countries:Mexico, Salvador,

America and Cuba.¨

   Ramos moved to the Houston area seven years ago from 

Miami, bringing the city¨s diverse flavors and atmosphere to his own establishment.

   Along with offering new flawors, Ramos is proud to stand 

out among other eateries as the firts Cuban restaurant in the 

area that serves freshly cooked food daily. 

   Rice and Beans has diverse menu choices that highlight a

variety of Cuban Creole flavors with beef, chicken, pork and

seafood dishes such as shredded beef topped with seasoned Cuban sauce and served with sweet and tangy plantains.

   The menu also includes a veriety of wines from Italy and 

Portugal as beer , along with mojitos with tropical fruit flavors.

   However, good food is not the only thing that keeps customers coming back, Ramos said.

   ¨There are three things that are important to me about 

owning a restaurant: cleanliness, good service and fresh food,¨ Ramos said. ¨We want everyone to have quality food

so that are customers are sastisfied with what we offer.¨  





"Our food is traditional 

Cuban and Creole"

"There are other restaurants that use packaged food. 

Here it´s all fresh. The beans are cooked fresh.

Everything is made fresh every day"

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